Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iraq foots the bill for its own destruction

Iraq foots the bill for its own destruction
By Murtaza Hussain

When considering the premise of reparation being paid for the Iraq War it would be natural to assume that the party to whom such payments would be made would be the Iraqi civilian population, the ordinary people who suffered the brunt of the devastation from the fighting. Fought on the false pretence of capturing Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, the war resulted in massive indiscriminate suffering for Iraqi civilians which continues to this day. Estimates of the number of dead and wounded range from the hundreds of thousands into the millions, and additional millions of refugees remain been forcibly separated from their homes, livelihoods and families. Billions of dollars in reparations are indeed being paid for the Iraq War, but not to Iraqis who lost loved ones or property as a result of the conflict, and who, despite their nation’s oil wealth, are still suffering the effects of an utterly destroyed economy. "Reparations payments" are being made by Iraq to Americans and others for the suffering which those parties experienced as a result of the past two decades of conflict with Iraq.

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  1. This is our actual foreign policy, along with unmanned drone bombings and fabrications to start wars.

    And many here are crying for an end to foreign aid, as though our generosity is keeping the world from going under but we now have to take care of only ourselves.  Of course a large portion of the aid is actually for "defense" which then goes back to US and other so-called defense contractors.               

  2. R.S. Did you even read the article discussing how 40 to 50 thousand Syrians fought against the Iraqi Security Forces in 2003-2008?

    You ask why Maliki has "forgiven" Assad? Is that hard to understand? Iraqis were tired of fighting 15 countries by 2007 and wanted to reach a deal to end the fighting, even if it meant giving large sums of money to the very people who were trying to organize a genocide against them. Which is what they did. Iraq gave Syria a large grant of oil in 2008 in return for Assad switching sides.

    I would strongly suggest that you talk to actual Iraqis and ask them to tell you the truth about Syria, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt. To tell you the truth about how they sent tens of thousands of fighters and billions of dollars to kill the 650 thousand ISF. [Notice the distinction. Many thousands of foreign suicide bombers wanted to organize a genocide against Iraqi civilians more genuinely. But other foreign fighters tried to limit themselves to killing 650 thousand ISF and their military allies.]

    Assad has fed Iraqis lies about how the 40 to 50 thousand Syrians who invaded and fought Iraqis 2003-2008 form the flower of the Syrian freedom movement. [Assad claims that they hate him for switching sides against the sectarian Iraqi Sunni Arab militias in 2008.] Many Iraqis genuinely believe that if Assad falls, the new sectarian Sunni Syrian governement will try to organize another genocide against Iraqis. Other Iraqis disagree. Iraq's top politicians are deeply divided on this question.

    It is probably true that many Iraqis regard Saudi Arabia as enemy number 1. KSA turning on Assad has increased Iraqi sympathy for Assad.

    TGIA, Murtaza Hussain is well known among Iraqis for being a political supporter of sectarian Sunni Arab militias. Please view his comments keeping that in mind. Notice the way he praises Saddam Hussein and the Baa3this in the article you cited. Notice his not so subtle racist digs at PM Maliki, Iraq's new leaders and the ISF.

    I consider Maliki to be one of Iraq's finest leaders in modern history. That Murtaza Hussain hates him reflects more about Murtuza than it does about Maliki.

  3. CIA bulletin: to be disseminated by low ranking employees. 

  4. It's not r.s it's Buh..