Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons of two wars: We will lose in Iraq and Afghanistan

Stephen M. Walt

The truth is that the United States and its allies lost the war in Iraq and are going to lose the war in Afghanistan. There: I said it. By "lose," I mean we will eventually withdraw our military forces without having achieved our core political objectives, and with our overall strategic position weakened. We did get Osama bin Laden -- finally -- but that was the result of more energetic intelligence and counter-terrorism work in Pakistan itself and had nothing to do with the counterinsurgency we are fighting next door. U.S. troops have fought courageously and with dedication, and the American people have supported the effort for many years. But we will still have failed because our objectives were ill-chosen from the start, and because the national leadership (and especially the Bush administration) made some horrendous strategic judgments along the way.

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  1. How do we know if it was bin-Laden?

    They supposedly dumped his body at sea.

    A lot of trouble for a guy who was only on the FBI's most wanted list for the cruise ship bombing (I can't do the name justice) or was it the East African embassies?  

    And who also was deliberately allowed to escape twice.

  2. Stephen Walt is an anti Iraqi sectarian racist hack.

    The soldiers who serve in the Iraqi Army are vastly superior to him and he knows it. The Iraqi Army under PM Maliki's leadership has won and there is nothing Stephen Walt can do to stop them.

    Maliki is thinking of buying F16s. Hope he does. Be nice to use them against Stephen Walt's people.

  3. I guess Stephen is talking about "American objectives" . . . although he has no idea what that means. A powerful successful Iraq benefits America. Period.

    Iraqis are increasingly becoming more successful mostly through their own efforts. Ergo America is better off.

    Only idiots like Stephen Walt don't get it.

  4. <p><span>The illegitimate Maliki is fighting a losing battle no matter how many elections he rigs. No wonder he is so concerned about saving the embattled dictatorship of his friend in Damascus. Both dictators have much in common including the use of  increasingly repressive and brutal tactics.</span>

  5. <span>The soldiers who serve in the Iraqi Army are vastly superior to him and he knows it.</span>

    Haha..Oh god..You really can't be that stupid, can you? Haha.....

  6. So you advocate nations attacking a college professors "people"?

  7. buh..I'm starting to think that anan may be suffering from some type of severe autism..(I'm serious..)