Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fatah official who was arrested for participating in a peaceful protest, shuns Israeli court

"Abbas Zaki, a senior member of Fatah, the political party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has refused to appear before an Israeli military court.
Zaki, who was arrested at a peaceful rally to mark Palm Sunday in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, was supposed to face the court on Wednesday.
Al Jazeera's Nour Odeh, in the occupied West Bank, said: "Abbas Zaki refused to appear in front of the military judge, refused to recognise the legitimacy of the military court in trying a senior Palestinian official for participating in a peaceful march."
Another 12 activists were arrested at Sunday's march, and Zaki also refused to participate in court proceedings without them, Odeh said."
Al Jazeera
Peaceful protest endangers Israel's security. GET IT!

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