Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iraq poll uncertainty threatens civilians, says Amnesty

"Continuing political uncertainty in Iraq is contributing to a rise in the number of civilian deaths, a new report by Amnesty International has warned.
The human rights group said that more than 100 civilians were killed in the first week of April alone.

Many were targeted by armed groups because of their religious, ethnic or sexual identity, it said."


  1. Iraq is better than Syria, Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia.

  2. Wow! Is that all you have in response to Amnesty's report? You're not getting any better, anan. Maybe even worse! Are you all right?

  3. TGIA, almost all terrorists who mass murder Iraqis are non Iraqi Sunni Arabs.

    Iraqis are not at fault for terrorism organized by the neighbors against them. Iraq's lovely brotherly Arab neighbors are at fault.