Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's all becoming clear. Israeli policies to push Palestinians to emigrate

By robbing Palestinians of their resources, Tel Aviv intends to see that they will wither away or emigrate into oblivion

Israel's criminal water policy
Stipulated: Since 1967, when it occupied the Palestinian territories, Israel has been progressively robbing Palestinians of their land, thus pauperising them and stultifying their economy. A given. But what seems to have passed largely unnoticed here is the robbery of these people's water supplies, a more reprehensible crime with a more devastating impact on the quality of life in the occupied territories.

The world's most precious resource, when you get down to it, is not oil, but water. Rob a people of their water resources, or dramatically reduce their access to them, and you transform them into a community living in the manner of beasts.

The United Nations has appointed Pittsburgh the North America host for World Environment Day 2010, a series of conferences book-ended by Earth Day on April 22 and The Water Matters! Global Water Conference on June 3, the latter being the marqee event, with keynote speakers from different countries around the world and panel discussions on water-based topics, highlighting our dependence, as human communities, on water for public health, energy and economic prosperity.

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