Monday, April 19, 2010

ACTIONS contre Ben Gourion (Action against Ben-Gurion)

ACTIONS contre l'inauguration de l'esplanade Ben Gourion
par le maire de Paris, Delanoë et le président israélien Shimon Peres.
Paris, 15 avril 2010
Réalisation: l'équipe "Palestine Vivra". Durée: 3'45" min.
(Action against the inauguration of the Ben-Gurion promenade by the mayor of Paris, Francois Delanoe and the Israeli president Peres. Produced by the team "Palestine will live")
Comment from Jews Sans Frontieres:
The Mayor of Paris, in the presence of nuclear proliferator extraoridnaire Shimon Peres, inaugurated a naming of a Parisian promenade after Ben Gurion.

Some Parisians didn't like having to stroll the banks of the Seine on the new "ethnic cleansing" promenade.
The Ben Gurion promenade is not just an affront to Palestinians and a show of support for Israel a year after the Gaza slaughter. It is also a white French affirmation of France's own colonial history. It is primarily an establishment "up yours" to the immigrants from Algeria and Africa, Rwanda, the French Caribbeans and Haiti. It is a statement of white pride. That is how it ought to be understood universally. Many French Jews are proud of this promenade and think it is a great victory of theirs. It could be their victory, but only in the wake of a colossal betrayal. The new Ben Gurion Esplanade is a white messianic text that dares not speak its name. It is yet confined to riddles; but it is slouching fast to Paris to be born. In the video you can hear the mayor say that he "fully assumes, nay claims, the legitimacy of Ben Gurion's struggle". One shouldn't doubt that he is ready to claim that struggle, namely, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its transformation into a European colonial settler state, as all of France's political class is. "Ben Gurion" is the figure of speech, Palestine is its literal referent, Jacques Massu is its allegorical meaning and the Marechal Pétain is its timeless eschaton.

From now on, never visit Paris without a stroll on the Esplanade Marechal Pétain.

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  1. Coming soon - le Boulevard Netanyahou and la Rue Baroukh Goldstein.