Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mezan Center: “Israel Deliberately Killed Reuters Cameraman”

"On the third anniversary of his death, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reported that the Israeli army deliberately shot and killed Palestinian cameraman, working for Reuters, Fadel Shana’a, 23, in the Gaza Strip.
Center called on the International Community, regional and international Press Agency and agencies that defend the freedom of press to practice more pressures on their governments to seek the prosecution of Israeli official involved in such crimes.
The Center added that three years after the killing of Shana’a and despite the clear evidence of his murder by the army, “justice seems to be far away from being achieved.
Shana’a and his crew were first targeted by a missile and less than five minutes later, the army fired more missile at their clearly marked press vehicle.
The Al Mezan Center conducted an investigation into the issue and found out that the press vehicle was clearly marked, the team was filming in an open area in broad daylight and their cameras and equipment were clearly seen.

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