Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iraqi Court Bans 52 Candidates(!)

(BAGHDAD) — An Iraqi court threw the nation's disputed election into deeper disarray Monday by disqualifying 52 candidates, including one winner, in a legal ruling that cast doubt on the slim lead of a Sunni-backed alliance over the prime minister's political coalition.

The decision by the three-judge election court intensified political turmoil and dealt a new setback to efforts to form a new government in Iraq nearly two months after the vote for a new 325-member parliament, which must select the next prime minister. (See pictures of Iraq's revival.)

U.S. officials had hoped the elections would boost efforts to reconcile Iraq's divided ethnic and religious groups as American military forces prepare to withdraw combat forces by September, with the rest to follow by the end of next year. But the maneuvering following the inconclusive vote instead has created a giant political vacuum and fears of new violence.


  1. Iraq is a hundred times freer and more democratic than any Arab country has ever been.

    Love live Iraq!

    Iraq defeated the beloved "Arab brotherly neighbors."

    The truth about this is shown in this 3.5 minute you  tube video:

    Iraq succeeded inspite of British perfidy and British attempts to betray the Iraqi people, Iraqi Government, and the valiant Iraqi Army:


  2. Your comment has nothing to do with the post. It has a propaganda tone and spirit. You'd be kind enough , if you have some light to shed on this bit of news in the post, please post it, otherwise take your dump to Totten's. Thank you.

  3. This post was accusing the Iraq of not being a free democracy. Some Baa3thists are guilty of the some of the worst crimes against humanity ever recorded. The electoral commission is trying to ferret out those with blood on their hands.

    It isn't perfect. But compare the Iraqi judicial system to every other Arab judicial system. Iraq is doing better than almost every other Arab country.

    What about my post was propoganda? What part? Please be specific.

    When the Arabs fall on their knees and beg Iraqis for forgiveness; then I will applaud.

    What is wrong with saying the truth about Britain's misdeeds?

    How come you, Tony, and others get to speak about Israeli mistakes (true mistakes) and I can't mention British mistakes?

    Is that fair?

  4. <span>This post was accusing the Iraq of not being a free democracy. </span>
    Did you read the article? Of course not! It's from TIME magazine! Hardly a "leftist" paper..

    I won't respond to the rest as it's too childish,  immature and off topic...