Monday, April 19, 2010

Mustafa Barghouthi to OECD’s members: don’t approve Israel’s membership!

"We urge the OECD’s 30 member states not to guarantee Israel’s admission in the organisation", said Dr Barghouthi condemning the new military order issued by Israeli authorities against Palestinians.
Welcoming Israel as a member in the OECD, represents not only granting it practical economic benefits but also demonstrating that the international community is accepting its questionable and reprehensible behavior, which violates the principles of the OECD.

As part of its application membership, Israel submitted information to the OECD providing data which include statistical figures related to occupied areas such Golan Height, East Jerusalem and all the illegal settlements in the West Bank: That means declaring that its economical territory includes all these illegally annexed and occupied areas, contravening OECD principles and policy. We demand that the OECD’s members not to approve Israel’s membership, which will undermine the credibility of the EU and the international community, encouraging Israel’s impunity.

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