Friday, January 1, 2010

Associated Press flawed 'Factbox' about Golan

How AP manipulates facts in order to fit them with a certain narrative more in line with Israeli hasbara. Sample:
AP: Israel-Syria peace talks broke down in 2000. Israel offered to withdraw from all of the Golan Heights down to the international border in exchange for full peace. Syria insisted on recovering land across the border.

HC(Helena Cobban) - That is quite simply not true. The reason the peace bid that Israeli PM belatedly made in 2000 got absolutely nowhere was precisely because he pulled back on assurances PM Yitzhak Rabin had earlier given that Israel would withdraw to the international border. Barak was not prepared to do that, but Pres. Hafez al-Asad insisted as always that that was the only basis on which he would conclude a peace deal.

Asad did not ask for-- far less insist on-- a single inch of land that was not Syria's under international law.
An entry I found on Richard Parker's( A regular commenter on Mondoweiss)blog 'Notes From the Levant', now in the blog roll.


  1. <span>Notes From The Levant blog description:</span>
    <span>"Over the 40 years since 1967, (2/3 of the State of Israel's entire history) I've changed from being a wide-eyed innocent sympathiser and great admirer of Israel to considering, now, that state as perhaps the world's most evil and ruthless narrow interest group, using the mostly benign and beneficial views and activities of world Jewry as a cover for a wholly bogus enterprise that no decent person could tolerate from anyone else."</span>

  2. His other blog with more updatews and entries:

  3. I watched his comments on Mondoweiss and they are usually very cogent and to the point.  I guess those years of reflection and accurate sourcing can bring you to some conclusions of asking "what was I thinking" earlier in my life.  Overall it is good to get mature and objective views posted on the site.