Saturday, January 2, 2010

We can kill Palestinians with impunity, says Israeli

"The depth of depravity in certain sections of the Israeli elite is stripped bare with this shocking piece published in Yediot. It doesn’t really need an introduction, except to say that such rhetoric will simply continue to isolate Israel even further. And they deserve it:"
Antony Loewenstein


  1. "The countries leading the world – the United States, Russia, the European community, China, India, Canada, Brazil – have not changed their attitude towards us."

    How true! It's not the politicians who strut the world stage and spew out their lies about negotiated settlement who will effect change. It is the ordinary people, people like us. The same force that brought about the dismantling of the apartheid system, with the same weapons. BDS is the Palestinian people's most powerful ally. 

  2. I appreciated this post,  because of the stark reality of what these deluded individuals think.  Also stopped by to thank Antonyfor hisfaithful posting and desire for a just peace.

  3. Speaking of killing with impunity,  do you remember the BlackWater murderers in Iraq?  Leaving 17 Iraqis killed and 27 wounded,  they just got off scott free -

    "Many Iraqis viewed the prosecution of the guards as a test case of American democratic principles…On Thursday, Judge Ricardo M. Urbina threw out manslaughter and weapons charges against five Blackwater guards because he said prosecutors had violated the men’s rights by building the case based on sworn statements that had been given by the guards under the promise of immunity."

    And the original article in the NYT -