Sunday, January 24, 2010

An interesting comment in regards to Haiti rescue teams

"Israel was the only country that I know of that crowed about how helpful it was…in the global media. (It had no choice but to help, actually.) I can understand crowing at home, but lifting your shirt to show your muscled chest to the world, and pulling down your pants to prove the size of your dick and whooping as proof of how well-endowed you are to lend a helping hand is, frankly, low-rent. But that’s what we’ve come to expect of Israel.

Qatar beat the Israelis there by a day with a c-17 (bigger than the two planes Israel sent combined) with more disaster relief (50 tonnes) and a field hospital and medical teams than Israel sent. Canada sent 80 helicopters in huge non-stop military cargo planes before we got there, and rescue teams, docs, and money. 127 countries contributed to this effort, and Israel crows it saved a Haitian! Official! Look how the world loves us! Look how wonderful we are! How kind!

Every country reports its participation. That’s not unusual. What is tiring and pervasive about Israel is that it wants the whole world to know what it's done. Like some seedy 13-year-old that scored his first babe.
(Mondoweiss comments section)


  1. One of your best points TGIA. Many have noticed the same thing, including me.

    Glad you are back :)

    Israel's PR has worked however. The Haitian President mentioned Israel by name on the first day of the earthquake. Israel is usually mentioned among the NGO community as one of the largest responders to global natural disasters.

  2. "low-rent" not so nice.

  3. <span>Just a figure of speech.</span>

  4. <span>Just a figure of speech.</span>

  5. Salut, TG.


    "In order to amass a sufficiently large amount of soldiers and military equipment 'on the ground', the US Air Force diverted plane after plane packed with emergency supplies away from Port-au-Prince. Among many others, World Food Program flights were turned away by US commanders on Thursday and Friday, the New York Times reported, 'so that the United States could land troops and equipment, and lift Americans and other foreigners to safety.'"

    It seems to me that the French have been the most active in response to the crisis. The BBC has been talking of "American and French" rescue teams, but the accompanying film never shows Americans and interviews on the ground reveal no American accents. It's almost as if it is the BBC's duty to remind the public who is running the show; the British establishment's cultural cringe in response to US muscle-flexing.

  6. Oy veh! So now I'm a guest. (J.Hope)

  7. There are currently 20 K US troops doing relief work in Haiti. Many more are in route.

    This is also Brazil's largest relief effort ever. Canada's too. Probably France's as well.

    It is amazing how the world has come together to help Haitians.

  8. <span>Bonjour cher ami. Vous m'avez manque.</span>

  9. The much publicised Israeli's humanitarian mission in Haiti only emphasises their Hypocrisy . If it was really humanitarian ! Gaza is only 20 Km away , just unlock the frigging gates .

  10. <span>"Israel is usually mentioned among the NGO community as one of the largest responders to global natural disasters."</span>
    It's like going to confession after a crime 
    Israel ≠ humanity 

  11. Strange as it sounds, VAA has a point. I don't like the way Israel shows off its global humanitarian efforts; even though I appreciate that Israel is making these humanitarian efforts.

    I also think that no amount of Israeli relief work justifies how Israel mistreats Palestinians.

  12. Oh my God. I agree with VAA again. I must not be feeling well.

  13. It is a good article Mara.