Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guantanamo guard reunited with ex-inmates

"He would say, 'you ever listen to Eminem or Dr Dre' and he threw off a little rap and it was just funny. I thought how could it be somebody is here who's doing the same stuff that I do when I'm back home."

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  1. there must have been lots of military people disturbed by that place.  sad.

  2. Good to see reconciliation between the innocent detainees and their captors.  

  3. Mr Ahmed admits they had a secret agenda for entering Afghanistan, but it wasn't to join al-Qaeda.( Of course not! Why would nice boys from Great Britain ever think of such a thing?)

    "Aid work was like probably 5% of it. Our main reason was just to go and sightsee really and smoke some dope". (Absolutely, I can tell they are art lovers, and were probably on a pilgrimage to mourn at the site of the priceless Buddha statues blown up by the Taliban!)

    Yes, just a simple case of boys will be boys.

  4. Guilty as charged, eh, vza - or guilty as not charged.

  5. VZA, if they are really al Qaeda, why would they meet with this guy and go on a BBC program??  Why can't people from Afghanistan go to a wedding in their homeland without being suspected?  Or jailed!

  6. Molly, almost all the Guantanamo detainees were foreign fighters in Afghanistan arrested by the Afghan resistance; and later handed over to the US. The point, Molly, is that Afghans were not handed over to the US by the Afghans to my knowledge.

    The detainees, almost without exception, were delighted to be handed to US custody. The Afghan resistance (now Afghan government) is far tougher on detainees than Guantanamo.

    Another important point to remember is about 1/5th of all Guantanamo detainees released to date have gone back to terrorism, often against countries other than the US. This sparks global anti-Americanism for obvious reasons.

    Guantanamo prison also treats prisoners far better than the vast majority of US maximum security prisons. Unlike Guantanamo, that treats prisoners consistent with the Geneva Conventions, many US prisons probably don't.

    I have been told:
    1) It is a "war crime" to criminally prosecute a "prisoner of war" under the Geneva Conventions. Prisoners at Guantanamo are using this provision to sue the US government. This applies both to illegal combatants and legal combatant "prisoners of war."
    2) Prisoners at Guantanamo are also suing that US based prisons do not meet Geneva Convention requirements (not without reason.)

    It may no longer be possible to close Guantanamo. What are the implications? Are Guantanamo detainees legal combatant "prisoners of war," illegal combatant "prisoners of war, ordinary criminals transfered from the Afghan legal system?

    My thinking is maybe send them back to the Afghan judicial system and let the Afghans kick the snot out of them. The problem is . . . is this illegal?

  7. What are Pakistani, Yemenese, Saudi, and other foreign fighters doing fighting inside Afghanistan on behalf of the Taliban?

    They are lucky as can be that the Afghans transfered them to US custody. The Afghans know how to deal with the likes of them.

  8. " The point, Molly, is that Afghans were not handed over to the US by the Afghans to my knowledge.
    "The detainees, almost without exception, were delighted to be handed to US custody."

    The nutter is getting nuttier. If the Afghans didn't hand them over who did, bollockbrain?
    The Afghan warlords were paid for every "talib" they captured and handed over, so they just rounded up any stray males and delivered them to the Great Satan.

    "..to my knowledge." Stupid, but with the self-awareness to joke about it

  9. Hey, learned it from the best of you!

  10. <span>First of all,they attended a wedding in Pakistan or so they claim, and then crossed over into Afghanistan in a TIME OF WAR to "sightsee" and look for dope?! Secondly, after the Ft. Hood sleeper jihadist, are you really going to ask why they would appear on BBC if they really are Al Queda?  Please.  
    I truly hope they were just innocents abroad, but my comment was more to ridicule the automatic acceptance of all these characters' stories simply because...well that is what Lefties do when they are looking for another way to hit the U.S....never mind all those who were released because they claimed they were innocents, who promptly went back and killed Americans and more of their fellow Muslims. No, for the useful idiots, all that is needed is for the junior jihadists to claim they are innocent, and of course they must be! I do not want to see any innocent person confined or mistreated, but let us show some common sense.  
    Oh, and their homeland was Tipton, UK, not Afghanistan. My guess is that some scum of an Islamist preacher living on the dole in the UK got them all fired up and these gullible guys went off in the hopes of joining Jihad.</span>

  11. Nah, can't be right!
    U.N. Blames Taliban for Afghan Toll


  12. <span>Wrong answers, folks! 
    Generally speaking, do you think things in Afghanistan today are going in the right direction, or do you think they are going in the wrong direction? 

  13. How dare the self righteous imperlist hegemonistic Brit implicitly attack the lions of the Afghan resistance who brought freedom to their fellow Afghans in 2001. Brit, are you a tenth the man of any of the heroes of the Northern alliance?

    The Afghan resistance handed over some non Afghan prisoners to the US. If they had stayed in Afghan custody, it would have been "FAR" worse for those prisoners. They were relieved to be handed to the "politically correct" US.

    The Afghan resistance kept the Afghan prisoners.

  14. The Northern alliance is a bunch of rapisits, looters, and criminals. They slaughtered 50,000 people in Kabul between 1992 and 1996.

  15. Why are you spreading ISI garbage? Oh please. You are upset at the Northern Alliance because Saudi intelligence and the ISI told you to be.

    Did Massoud kill Kabulis? The biggest killers were the Hekmatyurs and Haqqanis. Guess what they are now? "Taliban." They are also long time ISI and Saudi assets.

  16. " Brit, are you a tenth the man of any of the heroes of the Northern alliance?"
    Get help, son.

    <span>"The Northern alliance is a bunch of rapists, looters, and criminals."</span>
    <span>Who would argue with that? Oh yes, the gibbering, slavering, wild-eyed onan. I hope his keeper has removed all sharp objects.</span>