Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goldstone found that Israel’s collective punishment policy in Lebanon served as a model for Gaza

(The aftermath of Israel’s ‘Dahiya doctrine’ in Beirut, 2006.)

by Adam Horowitz
As Israel prepares its response to the Goldstone Report, several articles indicate that its primary objective is to discredit the contention that it carried out, in the words of Ethan Bronner, "an official plan to terrorize the Palestinian population." Today Haaretz reports that Israel’s response to the UN will seek to "reject most of the fundamental claims of the Goldstone report: it intentionally waged a punitive campaign against a civilian population, including the destruction of infrastructure."

This promises to be one of the most contentious debates over the report in the coming months, and as part of our effort to post portions of the Goldstone Report there are several relevant portions we want to share. The excerpt below outlines Israel’s possible strategy and intention for the Gaza attack based on prior history and statements from Israeli military and political leaders. Because Israel refused to participate with the inquiry there was no way to interview them directly about this.


  1. Jemmy, what's the problem?

  2. <span>A Good link by VR on Mondoweiss which summarises the barbarity of the state of Israel (Formerly Palestine) 
    I'm baffled ! How do they get away with it ?</span>

  3. They called it <span>Operation Peace for Galilee</span>

  4. Of course. It's called newspeak. The house which was stolen by the settlers in Hebron last was rebranded " the house of peace". The  settler freak who was banned from this blog and who used to advocate for genocide, used to sign "peace now"..It's part and parcel of the deceit game they've adopted as ethics. Lack of morality is  the new code of Israeli morals. The most moral army in the world is nothing  but a bunch  of assassins and killers so depraved and immoral, (thank you Rabbis! )with no morality whatsoever.

  5. The above is from Pappe's book. I can't cut and paste it's a book and I'm too tired to quote the exact words but essantially that's the message.

  6. <span>While the Zionists thugs were terrorising and slaughtering the Palestinian farmers prior to 1948, they used (between themselves) to boast about how little challenge they were getting from the deprived villagers, ALL THE WHILE they were sending emissaries to the US asking "in desperation" for help in ares, money and propaganda!  "We're on the verge of a second Holocaust" was their claim!!</span>
    <span> Very  lovely and moral people, those Israelis! It's a pity I don't love them as much as anan does!</span>