Saturday, January 2, 2010

Juan Cole: Top Ten Good News Stories from the Muslim World in 2009 that You Never Heard About

10. Saudi Arabia opened its first coeducational college campus, the King Abdullah Science and Technology University.
9. Qatar is on track to average 7.5 percent per annum growth for the next few years.
8. A Pew Forum on Religion and Life poll finds that American Muslims are unusual in the degree to which they are integrated into mainstream American society and demonstrate moderate attitudes, condemning religious extremism and violence.
7. The information revolution is making strides in the Arab world.
6. Albania has averaged 10 percent a year growth for each of the last four years
5. The small Gulf oil monarchy of Kuwait took steps toward greater democracy and rule of law.
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  1. ...the France 2 channel displayed images of a protest against the Honduran dictatorship, passing them off as images from a recent protest in Tehran, as proof of just how repressive and violent the Irani police are against civilian populations. The international media, of course, has ignored these images in their original context.

  2. Any "Good News " coming out of Albania, or Kuwait was borne there by the Good Work of the US military..and, more Good News , Iraq has changed from a brutal dictatorship to a one man/woman vote democracy. Let's Roll !