Monday, April 2, 2012

Boycott all Israeli products to oppose Zionist apartheid

This is what Zionist apartheid looks like. As a result of electricity blackouts imposed on Gaza by Israel, people are forced to live in the dark several hours a day. It’s not only a matter of being unable to use computers & TV but of safety. Today, it was reported three children in Gaza burned to death when they fell asleep while using candles. A fourth child, who is an infant, is in hospital. The blackouts interfere with medical support systems (like kidney dialysis machines), with surgeries & medical care. Hospitals have to use generators to maintain medical equipment & the hospital’s emergency backup systems are in need of repair because the Israeli blockade makes it difficult to get spare parts for repair. Here a Palestinian infant receives treatment in what serves as the intensive care unit of a Gaza City hospital. Support democracy & justice in Gaza by boycotting all Israeli products. Beware especially of cosmetics & the kiosks at the mall. (Photo by Moohammed Abed/AFP)

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