Sunday, April 29, 2012

When will we finally be done with feudalism?

For sheer sycophancy, you cannot beat this US media report on the first anniversary of WWWWilly & KKKKaty Windsor’s marriage. One expects the ignominious royal watchers of England to drool like this; they’re either unfortunate souls bred to servility or the illegitimate offspring of moochocrats. But in the US, we’re taught the great French Revolution of “liberty, fraternity, equality” as our heritage. Our national folklore is full of funny looking guys with puffed out chests who stood up to George III (the feudal guys didn’t have last names then since they all had the same parents). Is that all just  malarkey? Are we going to have to learn to scrape & bow again or is there another round in the American Revolution to give feudalism the final heave-ho? Here WWWWilly & KKKKaty hide their tiaras under cowboy hats in one of those saccharine photo ops that have come to distinguish their brief tenure. (Photo by Samir Hussein)

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