Monday, April 23, 2012

Homelessness & poverty are now felonies

Now here’s a story that will take your breath away. And when you’ve recovered your breath, your blood will boil. A homeless mother in Norwalk, Connecticut was convicted & sentenced to jail for 5 years for felony larceny. Norwalk police said she stole $15,686 worth of educational services from the city by the unspeakable crime of registering her 6 year old son in a Norwalk school district rather than in Bridgeport, Connecticut because she wanted to send him to a better school. When you read stories like this & remember millionaires steal millions of dollars from public coffers by tax breaks & evasions, you get a better sense of what motivates Al-Qaeda. Here we see this hardened felon suited up for court but we will know that justice is not served until the Norwalk cops & judge are behind bars for this mockery of justice. Let's be frank: for this racist mockery of justice.

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