Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The BBC, the bias in reporting on Palestine and the denial

Why does the BBC plead ignorance on Palestine? 
 Thumbs up for war crimes: Tzipi Livni is no stranger to BBC’s flagship current affairs program. (Sandy Teperson/Flickr)
Electronic Intifada
In my monitoring of the BBC’s frequent inaccuracies, misleading statements, and more or less complete lack of balance in covering Israel-Palestine, I often find myself wondering if the BBC is genuinely biased as an institution against the Palestinians or simply incompetent?


  1. Hi TGIA:
    I've been reading this blog, but haven't been commenting lately, obviously. I thought maybe you could help me with something, though. So if you don't think it is too rude to be off subject, here's the deal:
    I commented on a few articles on, which is a liberal Jewish site, with roots as a socialist leaning newspaper from New York. One article in particular prompted me to comment. It was a puff piece about Mehmet Oz, a popular television host in Anerica, and his visit to Israel with a smarmy popular rabbi named Shmuley Boteach. Their tour included a visit to religious settlements on the West Bank. I wondered what security precautions the surrounding towns were forced to endure so these two "nice guys" would not have their visit interrupted by protests, etc. I would like to share this information with's readers, as well as possibly Dr. Oz. I did a web search, and although I'm pretty recourceful usually, I couldn't find anything. I thought maybe you could recommend a site or link. Thanks in advance. And here is the link to the article and my comments, which as you will see didn't go over too well, except for one other reader:

    1. Hi Joe..I'm using my phone to access the blog as I'm away of my computer. Will look into it tomorrow morning, promise.

    2. Hi Joe, I see you did a great job and thanks also because in the comments I discovered a great site called loon watch.

      Dr. Oz Thinks Anti-Muslims Sugar-Daddy Sheldon Adelson is “Not So Bad”

    3. P.L.
      Thanks. Here's another link that talk's about Dr. Oz's visit to Hebron-it includes, if you can stomach it, video of Oz dancing with the settlers there:
      I was wondering why Oz's visit didn't get as much coverage in pro-Palestinian web sites as when some washed up pop singer performs in Israel. He is enomously popular in the US today, not 30 years ago...and that Shmuley guy seems to be good at weasling his way in with celebrities. He's the one who turned Madonna onto the Kabbalah and he was "friends" with Michael Jackson near the end of the singer's life and liked to hsve his picture taken with him.