Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feminists were right: the personal is the political!

Don’t ask me why but I listened to Ariel Castro’s entire court statement explaining why he held three young women in bondage for several years. Personal crime may be the bread & butter of US television to deflect from political criminality--which is far more significant & broad-reaching--but, quite frankly personal psychopathy scares the crap out of me & I have no problem avoiding it’s pornographic lure.

But this creep, Ariel Castro, took a page directly from the manuals of neoliberal capitalism in his defense. If you substitute the personal pronouns he used & replace them with IMF, World Bank, White House, Pentagon, CIA, Mossad, Cameron, Merkel, EU--well you get the picture!

It isn’t that personal psychopathy has a new lease on life but that now we are certain where it originates, where it learned double-think, where its cognitive dissonance became criminal defense.

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