Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm a lucky girl!

You’d think propaganda would be really sophisticated stuff but honestly has it ever risen above the level of vaudeville humor!? Boogie men & scary stories akin to Little Red Riding Hood are supposed to make us shiver our timbers!? Mummy movies made a wee lass in the 1950s run for cover under blankets & when they came up with communists putting Floride in the water to corrupt the morals of youth they had an entire generation under political chlorophyll. Thank heavens opposition to the Vietnam War put an end to such foolishness! So is it any wonder it’s now Muslims imperiling us?

My mother was no dummy--but she was a misanthrope. And I don’t regret that because I witnessed up close & personal how little actual investigation prejudicial judgements rest on. Her political authority was “I led Three Lives” on TV,” about a jamoke who didn’t know where the hell his loyalties lied since they all remunerated him so handsomely.

In order to survive, I’ve led nine lives--like every hep-cat who needs to survive--& I’ve never been confused about whose side I’m on: I’ve been a servant, a wage laborer without union benefits, a union name it, you get the picture! But I’ve been wise enough to reject misanthropy & recognize who are my enemy, who my allies. I'm a lucky girl!

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