Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homeless in Greece

Homeless in Thessaloniki, Greece: holy McGillicutty, that IMF-European Union bailout has done wonders for working people in Greece! They get to sleep al fresco. They’re free to beg for food.

This is not an old man but after a few months living on the street you won’t know the difference. Neoliberal plunder has taken his life from him & reduced him to street litter. Greek working people have fiercely resisted these predations & shown human solidarity in the midst of it all--with farmers distributing cheap & even free food to the hungry.

Their inability to reverse the plunder is not a sign of impotence or the impossibility of social transformation but points to the need for international collaboration & solidarity. Ridding this planet of its thuggish oligarchs is a monumental historic task; this is where that “workers of the world unite” thing kicks in to become not just a mantra but a battle cry.

(Photo by Nikolas Giakoumidis/AP)

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