Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Antiwar protests coming up in fall to protest 12 years in Afghanistan

An Afghani boy tells Canadian soldiers how he really feels about their part in the “emancipatory” US-NATO occupation. Minutes later his elders made it perfectly clear when they attacked the soldiers with grenades as they passed through the village.

If you believe Pentagon propaganda, the soldiers would have been met by a chorus of Afghani women lined up singing hallelujahs for the new freedoms installed by the occupation along with their children waving US flags & cheering for candy thrown from armored vehicles. But that only goes to show you the banality of war propaganda.

In October the war will have gone on for 12 years, causing destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, fields, massive impoverishment, homelessness, over 6 million refugees--& entailing a brutal suppression of Afghani opposition to occupation. Yet the defiant spirit of this small boy prevails; his is not merely boyish bravado.

Antiwar actions around the world are now being planned for this fall to express active solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. There are many ways to support the actions--from sending dough, to attending organizing meetings, to making placards, to above all showing up to demand “Out Now!” “No US war in Afghanistan!"

(Photo taken in 2010 southwest of Kandahar by Anja Niedringhaus/AP)

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