Thursday, April 5, 2012

The ghosts of injustice don't go away until justice is served

Regimes around the world disappear, torture, murder thousands of political dissidents--some young, some old, many men, many women--with the criminal & politically stupid intention of silencing their voices & their criticisms of regime abuses & crimes. One can’t name a single country where that’s working out. In dozens of countries where people have lost their beloved & their companeros, the faces of the dead are brought back in photographic montages to haunt regimes & to demand justice & retribution. Here thousands of family members & protestors in Ankara Turkey gather outside a court hearing the cases of two butchers from the 1980 military coup. Both criminals are hospitalized (most likely faking it to avoid justice) & did not attend the proceedings (probably rigged in their favor to begin with). Justice is in short supply around the world for those who stand up against violence but for those who believe in justice, these martyrs remain a clarion call to resistance against violence. (Photo by Burhan Ozbilici)

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