Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here we go again with the crazy saviors

The Kony 2012 deception was thrown for a loop when their main man, Jason Russell, went bananas in San Diego; he got naked, vandalized cars, & masturbated for all to see. They say it was a reactive psychosis. Reactive indeed! Lying your ass off to promote US military intervention in Uganda & fantasizing yourself as the white savior of Africa certainly can do that to a questionable sanity. But the shame of all this apparently hasn’t brought the Kony 2012 war mongers to their senses. Now they plan on running a sequel to this cynical political fraud. Nothing will stop them in their campaign to bring hell down on the people of Uganda--not even hundreds of protesting Ugandan bloggers putting the lie to all this. In this photo, Ugandans are watching the mockumentary & learning for the first time from the deranged Russell about the peril that ravaged their own town!? This report from MSNBC clearly shows the collusion of US media in this despicable war mongering. (Photo by James Akena)

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