Monday, February 13, 2012

Greek working people protest IMF & EU austerity program

Photojournalist coverage of the Greek protests yesterday make it look like a petrol bomb free-for-all, ignoring the massive protest estimated by the media at 100,000 & by participants as closer to 2 million people all over Greece. Is there more drama in a burning building than there is in witnessing millions of human beings stand up united against social predation? There were street fights with the police & buildings were burned. Regrettably the Greek Parliament building was spared in the conflagration. The real carpet bombing is the IMF & EU engineered debt package agreed to by the Parliament that will destroy democratic & workers rights, cut wages, reduce the minimum wage, cause massive lay-offs & force emigration for work, slash pensions, close hospitals & schools, privatize utilities & all social services, pauperize Greek working people & make investors & bankers filthy rich. Greece appears to be a test site for this all-out assault on working people & quite frankly, if a few petrol bombs get tossed, don’t look to the rest of us to condemn them. We're on their side.

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