Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greek pensioners protest IMF austerity program

Media continues to grind out a burlesque version of events in Greece. They can’t say outright they’re in favor of savaging working people to save Greek tycoons & foreign investors so it’s all about those damn fires. There have been hundreds of conflagrations in cities around the world set by real estate developers to move out slum residents & claim the property. Is the media up in arms about those fires? Do we hear moralistic clucking by reporters when residents are made homeless? Do they even know which buildings are burning in Athens? Could it be apartment buildings residents were evicted from? Hospitals or schools that were closed? And why aren’t the 15 Greek billionaires being asked to chip in on the bailout? It’s an Augean task to find out how many Greek millionaires there are but the Finance Ministry negotiating the IMF deal has 70 millionaires among its officials with substantial wealth in real estate. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? These pensioners at an anti-austerity protest in Athens don’t think they should have to go hungry & homeless to bankroll a bailout for banks & free-loading tycoons. They don't think their kids should have to emigrate for work or their grandchildren should have to go without schools. They think the IMF should pack up its agreement & get the hell out of Dodge. (Photo by John Kolesidis/Reuters)

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