Monday, February 27, 2012

Bhopal victims & activists protest Dow sponsorship of 2012 London "Dowlympics"

Activists & victims of India’s Bhopal gas accident in 1984 submitted a petition with 20,000 signatures to the British government in New Delhi demanding British officials drop Dow Chemical as a sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics. US-based Dow is the parent company of Union Carbide, whose neglect of safety systems to save money caused  the pesticide plant to leak toxic gas into the city, killing an estimated 25,000 & injuring half a million. Civil & criminal litigation against the company is ongoing. Bhopal activists have campaigned against Dow’s sponsorship of what they call the “Dowlympics” but the International Olympic Committee & British government identify more with the criminal element than human decency & justice. Here victims protest by posing as dead bodies outside the Indian sports ministry. (Photo by Saurabh Das/AP)

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