Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rotten apples, huh?!

What does this make of the IOF's denial that this kind of thing was the norm?


  1. <span>I can't stand to look at pictures like this. I do not care how young they are (no excuse!) or which side is doing it. The prevention of this sort of thing should be a part of their training. The men and women who LEAD these troops should be held accountable. Just like the pictures coming out of Abu Ghraib, the leaders should have known what those soldiers were doing.  
    This is on par with the sick jihadists who pose with their victims, like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, and video the beheadings.  Or the Palestinians who took pictures with their cell phones of poor, beaten and killed collaborators.</span>

  2. "<span><span><span> I lived 30 years in France, twice as much as I lived in Lebanon....Maybe not enough to understand the European mind set but enough to know that you're a deluded lying piece of tarte a la creme (can't bother to use the french keyboard now)..</span></span></span>"

    This really hurt TGIA. More than anything else you have written in months. :(

    Has racism become better in France? Is there less racism now against Arabs, Jews, and Muslims than there use to be. Have heard horror stories. Some French Jews who comment at MJT's blog point out horror strories about French racism.

    I really like the French people I know in person. If France is starting to get better, thank god.

    Many French academic leftists are very racist. They don't want Turkey in the EU because of racism. Even Jemmy's Britain wants Turkey in the EU. Turkey would enormously benefit the EU. I find the way many French and Europeans talk about Turkish EU membership extremely offensive.

    For full disclosure, I am pro Turk.

  3. VZA, these pictures are disgusting. The bottom one in particular is horrendous.

    Regarding Abu Ghraib, didn't the soldiers who did the misbehavior get severely punished for disobeying orders?

    The woman BG in Abu Ghraib at the time was demoted to Colonel and kicked out of the US military.

    She claimed that CIA and other crazies came into her facility and tortured people. She had no control over them, she claimed.

    The US uniformed military is not allowed to torture. During the Bush administration the US uniformed military refused to torture. That is why torture was conducted by the CIA.

    CIA and State Department are hated by the US military for being immoral, stupid, arrogantly proud, lacking sophisticated understanding of different cultures and countries, and incompetent.

  4. Tarte a la creme is a French delicacy, a cake, anan.

  5. Btw, don't try to weasel out..The question wasn't about Turkey, it was about that Jewish division joining the Neo-Nazis of the EDL... You said: "the Europeans will fail to genocide the Jews"..inferring that the Neo-Nazis and their Jewish allies are in a fight against the genocide of the Jews..You are a disgusting character..

  6. VZA
    The difference is that the jihadists you're talking about do not deny that they do such things and never claimed being the most moral things in the world....The IDF repeatedly claim that they are ..It's the hypocrisy..We all know the bunch of thugs they've always been.

  7. Here's your insane comment:

    <span>"Eueopeans will fail to genocide off the Jews. Too many people from around the world will try to protect the Jews from another holocaust. 
    Why are so many Europeans so racist?"</span>

    Those are not the words of a well adjusted character..

  8. TGIA, I didn't read the head article in that thread. Anyone who is anti Palestinian is a jerk.

    I thought I offended you by saying that many Europeans are racist, anti Jewish, and are considering another holocaust. Is racism in France becoming less intense?

  9. Another point..It's not as much posing with detainees which is the major issue, it's the humiliation they endure..The IDF are well known to subject the arrested to systematic psychological torture..

  10. <span>I thought I offended you by saying that many Europeans are racist, anti Jewish, and are considering another holocaust. Is racism in France becoming less intense?</span>

    Your rant wasn't about European racism in general but about racism towards the Jews....Racism against Arabs and Muslims is a reality but not against the Jews..You go on a tangent to reverse such a reality and depict the Jews as victims again when they're not..

  11. <span>.It's not as much posing with detainees which is the major issue, it's the humiliation they endure.</span>

    I agree. It's just sickening.

  12. True, but the jihadists DO claim to be following the "true" Islam and doing Allah's will. I am sure you have read some of their twisted logic on websites.

  13. With all respect TGIA, have heard some pretty bad stories about French racism towards muslims, Arabs, Asians and Africans. How well are South Asians treated in France? Chinese French? And yes, anti Jewish racism remains a large problem among traditional French. Remember that the French people were complicit in the 1940s Holocaust. Racism against all groups are bad. Generally when someone is racist as a Hindu, he is also racist at Jews, Shiites, Sufis, Zorastrians, Budhists, Sunnis, and everyone else. This is my observation.

    TGIA, maybe I am overly influenced by what I have observed in the US. Racism remains a very serious problem. Including racism against "Oakies" [or "poor white trash"], Greek Americans, Jewish Americans, Black Americans, Turkish Americans, Mexican Americans, Italian Americans.

    I have seen racism against Mexican Americans and Jewish Americans first hand. It would horrify you, TGIA, if you saw it.

    Europe is worse.

    To be clear, I am refering to traditional old fashion Europeans of European ancestry, not muslim immigrant Europeans.

  14. TGIA, please ask your Jewish friends about racism against them. What they would tell you would shock you. I mean full blooded anti Jewish racism, nothing to do with Israel.

  15. anan. the top people were ultimately responsible. They put people in charge who were not capable of doing the job. Because of it, many Iraqis suffered. Our own troops ultimately paid the price for this incompetence. We were supposed to be showing the values of a free and democratic society. Instead we allowed some to stain our name for years to come by engaging in acts designed to degrade and humiliate people who were entrusted into their care. There is no excuse for it.

  16. <span>The problem with you anan is that it's impossible to have a dialogue with you.. If I raise one and only one specific point you come back with an avalanche of mostly irrelevant or totally unrelated points..You just dump everything you have and make it impossible to discuss..</span>

  17. Thanks for the feedback. Let me try again.

    Anti Palestinian and anti Jewish racism are related problems. People who hate Palestinians usually hate Jews too. People who hate Jews usually hate Palestinian too. Is this an incorrect observation?

  18. <span>The problem is that you pose for a defender of the Jews when it's not an issue here. We constantly talk about Zionisism, a political doctrine, and you keep mentioning Jew-hatred.. Maybe it's time you check what the word zionist mean.. To make it easier for you, look at it this way.. Zionists are to Judaism what political fundemental Islam or Takfiris as you call them, are to Islam..voila..</span>

  19. I love the way this excretion keeps writing about racism in Europe, implying that the US is free of it. What a joke!