Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eilaboun village massacre, 29 Oct 1948
"A terrifying massacre happened, with memories that hardly exist in our minds a massacre was forgotten by people who tried to describe those horrified days. In the early morning of 30.10.1948 which started as every morning, the sun shining over the world turning that day to a deep red day in the memory of everyone. The people refused to leave in spite of the horrible news about the Israeli army that was about to invade the village in any moment. The army entered the village and found the people inside the church holding white flags. The army took the people out of the church and killed 14 young men and the rest were kicked out towards the north heading to Lebanon, and in order to terrify the people and erg them to leave as quickly as possible  they shot another person turning the number of victims to 15 added to tens of injured people who survived miraculously. Eilaboun was like other Palestinian villages that were put under the Jewish authority, those villages suffered from ethnic cleansing."
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