Monday, October 28, 2013

As'ad Abu Khalil's article in Al-Akhbar: Saudi Princes Fret

"Saudi Arabia’s status among Western governments and media has risen since Sept. 11. At first, Saudi Arabia was put on the defensive, given its decades-long policies of sponsoring (with total US blessings and support) jihadi groups and fanatical ideologies. Swiftly, the Saudi government moved to ingratiate itself with the Zionists in Congress: It moved closer to Israel and its interests in the region, and it unleashed an unprecedented campaign of anti-Shia rhetoric in order to undermine all manners of resistance to Israel and its terrorist occupation. Furthermore, the Saudi government elevated (if that is the right word) its subservience from the private realm to the public realm. The US and Europe were quite appreciative, and the US and British government moved to prevent any court proceedings against the Saudi royal families by families injured by Saudi policies, and the Sept. 11 Commission Report censored the entire section dealing with the embarrassing Saudi involvement with al-Qaeda."

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  1. "Saudi Arabia, by all accounts, devoted its resources to attain the seat at the UN Security Council. Ironically, the fact that one of the most repressive states in the world was attaining a seat at the council was not controversial at all in the Western media. Far from it, the reactions focused mostly on how the West could mollify the Saudi government and to bring it back to the highest (in theory) international body. But for a regime that rarely makes abrupt and surprise announcements, the announcement to withdraw from the running at the Security Council took the American government by surprise."