Tuesday, September 18, 2012

US-NATO out of Afghanistan!

Are these Afghan protestors burning the US flag (on Sunday) rendering a verdict on “lesser-evilism” & the upcoming US elections? Afghanistan has been occupied & bombed under both Democrats & Republicans, so they’re in a strong position to judge. That photo looks like a composite of Barack Obama & Alfred E, Newman, the mascot  of Mad magazine. Alfred, whose face is assembled from features of US politicians (Nixon’s nose, Johnson’s ear, Reagan’s hair, Eisenhower’s grin), periodically runs for president under the slogan, "You could do worse... and always have!" The gap in his front teeth derives from the “credibility gap” created by all politicians, including Obama who claims he’s already ended the Iraq War & is going to end the atrocity in Afghanistan. All out to the October 5-7 antiwar protests to demand US-NATO out of Afghanistan! (Photo by Omar Sobhani/Reuters)

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