Monday, September 10, 2012

The women revolutionists of Bahrain

The amazing women of Bahrain defy brutal repression by soldiers & riot cops, flashing victory signs & chanting anti-government slogans during a march in downtown Manama, Bahrain (Sept. 7). The leading role played by women, including veiled women, in the Arab uprisings puts the lie to all the Islamophobic rubbish we are fed in a steady diet of propaganda. Commentators like the sycophantic NBC reporter, Richard Engel, are declaring the so called “Arab Spring” ended in a restoration of the status quo. Engel is writing the obituary for a profound historic transformation that has just begun & that he doesn’t understand. There have been important setbacks in most countries especially played out in the electoral arena, but not a decisive & final defeat. The people of Bahrain haven’t read his obituary yet so they continue to struggle for democracy. Our fullest respect & solidarity with their historic struggle. (Photo by Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters)

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