Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Down with colonialism!

There are many who rue my loathing for moochocracy & wish I would just leave Betty Windsor & her indolent relatives alone. Well take a gander at this photo of WWWWilly & KKKKaty in the Solomon Islands where Betty is considered the monarch--& tell me once again, the moochocracy is just a harmless tourist attraction! I remained silent about the topless photos of KKKKaty even though it’s top of national network news in the US. Sunbathing is what these people do best & at least they’re good at something. But this colonial, white supremacist image will take a while to clear my head. It’s odious & those two dumbasses sitting on the thrones actually think it’s their due. Down with feudalism! Give the Windsors a job!  (Photo by Mark Large/Getty Images)

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