Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why the UN must abolish the 'Quartet' that Tony Blair uses for personal profit.

Tony Blair has been accused of using his position in the Quartet to further his personal business interests [GALLO/GETTY]

It was formed to assist in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, in reality, envoy Tony Blair uses it for personal profit.
Quartet envoy Tony Blair has been the target of stinging criticism of late from officials close to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. There have even been murmurs that Abbas' officials may formally request Blair's removal.

While Blair's Quartet role, which he took up the day he left office as UK prime minister in 2007, has undoubtedly been harmful to the Palestinian people and to any semblance of international law, it would not be enough to call for Blair to go.

It is the Quartet itself - an ad hoc committee of US, EU and Russian officials, and the UN Secretary General, that monopolises the so-called "peace process" - that has destroyed what little credibility the United Nations has left on the question of Palestine.
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  1. And I thought he spent all his time in the King David Hotel memorising soundbites produced by Mark Regev. He hasn't been wasting his time after all.

  2. Jemmy, just criticizing one British person isn't enough to demonstrate that you truly understand British misdeads and how much non British people have been hurt.

    Tony Blair respresented the UN, EU, Russia and US. He naturally reflected their points of view.

    Now I am very pro british, loving Britain and all. But it is interesting that they chose a person of the Britains to respresent them.

  3. Jemmy's Afghan National Army "brigands" are getting equipping and training from India. :)

    Hopefully they will soon be strong enough that even if the Britains sabatoge them, they will still win.

    Many Afghan Army say that Britain supports the Taliban.

    Long live Afghanistan! May she defeat the Taliban! May she reach heights that the Britains dream about!

  4. Wipe the foam from around your lying mouth, bahinchot, and seek psychiatric help. 

  5. Turkey and India will help the Afghan National Army "brigands" achieve victory. Japan will keep giving the Afghans money. In time the Russians and Iranians will also help the "brigands" fight the Taliban. NATO, the UN, [Australia, South Korea etc.] will not abondon the Afghan National Army.

    The ANA is going to do okay. Absorb it.

    Haqqani and the most important parts of the Taliban operate as a veritable wing of the Pakistani Army Inter Services Intelligence Directorate. Something Jemmy has known from the start.

    When I first saw Jemmy's comments . . . it was difficult to make them out. Was he really the British citizen he claimed, or did he work for the Pakistani Army or Saudi Arabian dictatorship.

    Jemmy probably really is British. He is probably in the mold of the "Joker" from "The Dark Knight." Someone who wants revenge on the whole world [maybe because of jealousy due to Britain's relative decline?].

    Jemmy seems to want the Pakistani Army [through their "Taliban" proxies] to fight the Afghans, Indians, Iranians, Central Asians, Russians, Turks, NATO, and United Nations in the hope that the Pakistani Army will weaken all of them.

    Simultaneously Jemmy incites Palestinians and Israelis to fight each other to destabilize the middle east. Jemmy also incited Iraqis [the 'Iraqi Army' he so hated] to fight the rest of the middle east between 2003 and 2008 in the hopes that the middle east was destabilized.

    That Britain could be destroyed in the process was acceptable. As long as everyone else was destroyed along with Britain.

    Is there any other way to make sense of Jemmy's comments?

    <span>psychiatric help? Is this "respectful discourse"?</span>

    Hard as it might be for you to accept, Britain and you don't have enemies out to get you. In fact the world loves the British and wants the best for you because British success benefits the world and visa versa.

  6. You've missed your vocation, Lal Bhujjakar, you should be writing scripts for comedy shows. This is a side-splitter. No kidding, I laughed all the way through. Comic genius.

  7. Dammit! I keep forgetting to change from 'guest' status.