Friday, October 7, 2011

Al Arqeeb Bedouin Village Demolished For the 30th Time

Dozens of Israeli policemen and members of the so-called “Israel Land Authority” demolished and removed all tents and structures in Al Araqeeb village in the Negev., the thirtieth such attack against the village.

Al Araqeeb Village - Arabs48
Al Araqeeb Village - Arabs48

Residents of all Arab villages in the area declared a strike and massive demonstration on Thursday morning at 11 at a protest tent set up to counter an Israeli plan to expropriate nearly 860.000 dunums (212510.6 acres) of Arab lands and displace nearly 30000 Arabs living in the “unreacognized” villages in the Negev.

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  1. Can you give an update on the court battles with respect to the land in Al Araqeeb?

    The British lied to many people by giving lots of people "ownership" deed documents for the same assets.

    Britain should give <span>Palestine</span> lots of money and apologize for its past misdeeds

  2. <span>British 'liars' cancel out zionist thieves; how convenient for the defenders of ethnic cleansing.  
    Indians should stop murdering Dalits; stop murdering wives for their dowries; stop murdering Muslims out of pure bigotry.  
    Indians should reform their corrupt legal system that ignores these crimes because women and the poor are of no account in Bharat.  
    By the way I love Indians, I think Indians ROCK, but Indians are better than this (cretinous clichés come free with every Desi lie-sheet).</span>

  3. Israelis shouldn't confiscate Palestinian property paying below market prices.

    Every country in the world is imperfect. We should all learn from each other and help each other. Israel is going to need a lot of help and compassion from their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

    It is true that those without legal education have great difficulty in heavily litigious countries such as India [and dare I say Britain.]

  4. It reflects your intrinsic goodness and common sense to say that "Indians ROCK."   :)   :)

    There are many NGOs that focus on legal services for poor Indians and Indian woman who are mistreated. Maybe TGIA and this blog could dedicate itself to that cause.

    Help Ever Hurt Never.

    :) :) :)

  5. <span>Israelis shouldn't confiscate Palestinian property paying below market prices.</span>
    <span>  </span>
    Hey, retard. When are you going to understand that the Palestinians aren't selling. So confiscation whether it's paid for or not is still wrong.

  6. Rarely a person has ispired me as much disgust and contempt as you inane anan.

  7. I am not a 'retard' or stupid or 'inane.' Why have you become so mean?

    Why shouldn't Palestinians have the freedom to sell their property and their assets to whoever they want at whatever price they want to sell it for?

    In every country on earth people want to sell their property if they get a high enough price for it. And you know it.

  8. <span>Listen here stupid..You've been here for a few years and you still do not get it! It's not about being free to sell or not, the Palestinians' do not want to sell their ever shrinking lands. The land is not for sale. Which part, exactly, is hard to understand? </span>

  9. Did you ever see a map of Palestine in your life? Here's a map. See why the land is not for sale. It's disappeareing, ya hmar.

  10. TGIA, love you man but you still don't get it.

    There are two seperate issues:
    1) which legal entity a particular piece of property is domiciled in [which legal entity can regulate and tax it]
    2) who owns the property itself.

    A Palestinian or Chinese person should have as much right to own property in Israel [regulated and taxed by the Israeli government] as any Israeli. An Israeli or Japanese or Indian person should have as much right to own property in Palestine [regulated and taxed by the Palestinian government] as any Palestinian.

    This is a matter of fairness, equity and freedom.

    In addition to free trade, free investment, free business collaboration, the Palestinian government should be allowed to regulate more land, assets, derivatives, and other financial assets. The more assets the Palestinian government regulates and taxes, the more tax revenue generation capacity and influence the Palestinian government will have.

    To say that out of all the people in the world Palestinian people alone don't have the right to sell their property [if they get high enough of a price] is deeply offensive. Of course they deserve that right. What if a Palestinian wants to start their bio-fuel venture capital backed start up? What if they want to sell their house to pay for their start up? Who are non Palestinians to tell Palestinians what they can and cannot do.