Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pro-Israel donors are at the heart of Defence Ministry scandal in Britain

Philip Weiss

I keep saying that the Israel lobby is a central factor in the making of our foreign policy, and some day journalists are going to have to cover the story-- and the Liam Fox scandal in Britain ups the ante.

Liam Fox was once a rising star in British politics. But the British defense secretary resigned a week back because of his close financial ties to a business lobbyist named Adam Werritty who came and went with Fox on foreign trips and at the ministry, as though he were a government official.

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  1. I think it's widely acknowledged that Fox was (is?) a Mossad asset. The UK media, stuffed with Israeli mouthpieces, doesn't want to run with the story.
    Also in the current cabinet, William Hague (Foreign Secretary), Michael Gove (Minister for Education), et al. no doubt. The credentials of Fox's replacement should be scrutinised for questionable loyalty.