Monday, October 17, 2011

Mohammad Bouazizi is the reason why Occupy Wall Street is happening


Yesterday in Times Square (Photo: Twitter)
Via Mondoweiss
Protesters in Lisbon surround parliament
LISBON, Oct 15 (Reuters) - About 40,000 people marched in Portugal on Saturday as part of a global day of protest against the financial elite and hundreds broke through a police cordon around the parliament in Lisbon to occupy its broad marble staircase.

‘Indignant’ protests to sweep across world
MADRID — “Indignant” activists, angered by a biting economic crisis they blame on politicians and bankers, vow to take to the streets worldwide on Saturday in a protest spanning 71 nations.

In this exclusive article for the US Campaign’s blog, Steering Committee member Peter Miller shares his thoughts on organizing to end military aid to Israel at Occupy Portland.

Occupy Times Square: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Swarm Midtown (PHOTOS)
NEW YORK, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Thousands of anti-Wall Street protesters rallied in New York's Times Square on Saturday, buoyed by a global day of demonstrations in support of their monthlong campaign against corporate greed.

NYPD arrests Occupy protesters, non-protester at Citibank branch
Video has surfaced of NYPD police arresting Occupy Wall Street protesters for allegedly removing their money out of a Citibank branch.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters march on Chase Bank in NYC
Thousands of protesters marched in New York and Washington on Saturday as part of a global day of “outrage” against corporate greed that has seen rowdy demonstrations in dozens of countries.

Chicago protesters hold ‘die-in’ at Bank of America
Approximately 30 protesters affiliated with Stand Up Chicago staged a “die-in” at a Bank of America on Thursday before complying with police orders to leave.

A poll by Time released Thursday, which asked participants’ opinions on President Barack Obama’s job performance, the impact of the tea party and views of “Occupy Wall Street,” contains a startling revelation that the national press hasn’t quite pieced together yet: the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters have a higher approval rating than President Obama.

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  1. I especially like the story from occupy Portland. 

    Did anyone else see al-Jazeera's reporting on the prisoner exchange for Shalit, today as well as earlier?  Really had a pro-Israel slant I thought.