Thursday, October 27, 2011

Israel finds new "home" for Bedouins: a garbage dump

JERUSALEM (IPS) - As Israel moves ahead with a plan to forcibly displace tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins in the occupied West Bank, Mohammad al-Korshan and his family are facing the real prospect of not only losing their home, but their traditional way of life.

The Bedouins depend on animals. We can’t take care of them in the village or in the city. All the Bedouins work with animals. If we go to the city, they kill us. They kill the Bedouins. After a few more years, you won’t have Bedouins in the area,” said al-Korshan, who lives in a Bedouin encampment with more than ninety other families near the West Bank town Anata, northeast of Jerusalem.

We want to stay in our homes. If they damage our homes or our tents, we want to build again. We won’t move. Even if they want to kill us, we want to stay. We haven’t any place to go,” he said.

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