Monday, May 31, 2010

Shot while asleep!

- “Reuters reports that among the Turkish activists were 3 Turkish soldiers”

- “the israeli press conference called the flotilla a “violent armada”, parallel universe!” …3 minutes ago

- “israel is claiming that the turkish #flotilla ship was pre planning to attack israel, and that is why israelis attacked first… 6 minutes ago

-” Israel has ordered its citizens to leave Turkey after the attack on the #flotilla 7 minutes ago

-”I have news confirming that sheikh Raed Salah is undergoing an operation in Israeli Hospital! share .8 minutes ago

-”Greece, Turkey, and Spain have summoned Israeli ambassador. Jordan has done nothing. Egypt continues its co-siege of Gaza. … 9 minutes ago

- Israel has just announced that it will prosecute the convoy members who “attacked” its soldiers … 11 minutes ago

- Unconfirmed: Arabic language tweets claiming that Turkey has expelled the Israeli ambassador in response to the attack.. 12 minutes ago

-Sweden summons Israeli ambassador over ships to Gaza attack.. about 1 hour ago

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  1. The final nail in the coffin of Israeli-Turkish relations!