Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chutzpah: "Settlers: Palestinian boycott is an 'act of hate'

Yesha Council calls on government to close Israeli ports to Palestinian goods until embargo on goods produced in settlements ends.
In a statement, the council endorsed demands by the president of the Israel Manufacturers Association, Shraga Brosh, to closed Israeli ports to Palestinian goods until the boycott is lifted.
"This is an act of hatred by the Palestinian Authority," the Yesha Council said in a statement. "It requires a sharp and immediate response."

I did not know that boycotting your occupier's goods, the ones that are produced on your stolen land, is an "act of hate"! A perfect illustration of the concept of chutzpah.


  1. I just want to point out that chutzpah isn't always a bad thing. It baisically means having confidence, persistence, originality, and initiative. I would say that the protesters at that monsterous wall that cuts through Palestine have chutzpah to go out unarmed and face the Israeli Army all the time.On the other hand, people like Dershowitz also have chutzpah.

  2. thankgodimatheistMay 20, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    <span>Point taken Joe.  
    BTW, I owe you a response to your enquiry about the feasibility of the right of return. It took me some time but finally I found it.  
    <span>The Feasibility of the Right of Return</span>  
    by Salman H. Abu-Sitta  
    The Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict has arisen because of the Israeli conquest of Palestine in 1948 and the expulsion of its people in order to accommodate newcomers from overseas. The struggle is therefore about land taken and people expelled. The Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe, holocaust) has no equal in modern history. A foreign minority expels the majority of the inhabitants of a country, occupies their land, obliterates their physical and cultural landmarks in a military campaign that is planned, armed, manned, and is financially and politically supported from abroad.  
    Half a century later, there are 4,600,000 refugees, expelled from 532 localities, without a home, identity or a certain future. Their plight shook the foundation of the Middle East, toppled practically every neighbouring Arab government or removed its leader, caused five major wars and innumerable attacks. After 50 years of strife, it is abundantly clear that there can be no peace without them, and that they have no wish to go anywhere except Palestine. The yearning to return to the homeland is the core of the Palestinians' psyche. It is this unrelenting determination which has driven them to maintain a monolithic structure across many countries of refuge.  
    In any case I'll make it a post to be sure.</span>

  3. Agree that <span>chutzpah is a good thing Joe.</span>

    If only we Americans had more chutzpah. sigh.

    In general aren't all sanctions wrong? Shouldn't there be no trade sanctions on anyone?