Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hizbullah set a trap to IDF soldiers on Facebook

People of the Facebook?

The beautiful Facebook girlfriend of the Elite Soldier

by Sarah Stricker, Tel Aviv

An enchanting young woman befriends Israeli military men on Facebook – and elicits secrets from them. According to a press report, 20 elite soldiers fell into the trap. The Lebanese Shiite militia, Hizbullah, is presumably behind it.

Hizbullah is supposed to have infiltrated the elite unit with a faked Facebook profile. With the photo of a pretty young woman who logged in with an Israeli name, the Shiite militia is supposed to have built up contacts with elite soldiers and elicited secret information, This was reported by the Israeli News portal http://www.mysay.co.il/.[Hebrew only]

The facebook page of Reut Zuckerman , who is lying on a sofa beaming into the camera in her profile photo went online about a year ago. The people behind the site made contact with numerous Israeli army soldiers. MySay reports that about 200 soldiers and reservists were on Zuckerman's friends list.

Zuckerman concentrated particularly on an elite unite of paratroopers. Apparently many of the men suspected that the woman was herself an Israeli soldier in a special unit. The people behind the site worked slowly to gain the confidence of the soldiers and are reported to have gained key information regarding the activities of the unit in question.

The men in the unit gave the Facebook friend names of members of the unit, jargon, secret codes, and detailed descriptions of bases . Some of the soldiers began to be suspicious only after about a year when they realized how many soldiers in the elite unit were named as her friends. The army began investigating in January....

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  1. What a terricific story. Who really knows who you are speaking to on these sites. Put the attractive women as the ruse out there and see what info 'she' returns.