Sunday, March 8, 2009

My computer's fixed. It has been for a few days now, but I have avoided spending too much time on it because I was reading and relaxing much more in the evenings without it. Anyway, sad story: my husband was in the park with our son and heard one kid, about four (or so he says, I don't know how good he is at estimating ages) said to another four year old, talking about a 3 year old nearby, "he's a Palestinian, he's a terrorist". He said the kid saying this looked Korean and that the Palestinian kid didn't hear him (thank god). This is a very mixed neighborhood, but probably the second biggest ethnic group is Arab, so you would think the parents wouldn't have these views (if that is where the kid learned them). Palestinians flee their country because it is being destroyed, and then have to put up with this when they get here...I am just happy the kid didn't hear it and I hope the other kid will unlearn it soon. Well, if he lives here, he will probably make some Arab friends who will quickly disabuse him of his views.

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