Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, first I get attacked by Yasmin for daring to complain about laws unfair to women in the Arab world. Laws that she would hate to live under herself, but never mind, it offends her for a white girl mention it. Because I wield so much power, it's threatening. Yes, from my perch on top this mighty blog read by 14 people (at most), I am able to affect world events and my mentioning my dislike of custody laws in the Arab world just might lead to another war. Then my little sister tells all of her friends embarrassing things about me on her blog (that I just became aware of today). Well, my sister took down the offending post but did not apologize. (And this was after she did not help out AT ALL after I had the baby even though she lives 2 miles away-okay, just needed to complain about that). Anyhow, I don't feel like blogging with someone who will be monitoring my posts for political incorrectness. So you may find me on the Palestinian Pundit. Oops, is that a pet cause? Is that okay with you, Yasmin? Or perhaps I will start blogging on again. I'm a bored housewife and need something to keep me occupied.

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