Monday, March 30, 2009

The entity is Doomed

Did you all notice how in the last days there are so many "reports" from those Israeli criminals saying that they already finished there "investigation" and they did nothing wrong in Gazza? Well if you ask me they are doing all this because they are afraid of war crimes charges,,,,, never will I get my hopes up for those Western and European countries to do something Right for the Palestinians but the war crimes Chatter got more loud this time so those Israeli criminals and murderers are beginning to make there excuses. I have to repeat my questions because I never got answered by an American person before,,,,, what the hell did Israel win in Gazza?

Lets repeat
1) Hamas more popular in Gazza/Dafah
2) Palestinian collaborations was Finally Exposed for all the stupid people that could not see it before.
3) Tunnels still operating
4) More countries now ready to make negotiations with Hamas
5) Every one is talking about those Israeli criminals with language that usually gets reserved for Hamas
6) Those Israeli criminals and crooks are afraid of being arressted
7)Israel lost another war in the Middle East (of course they are #1 for killing babies and women) but nothing long term got established.

Israel is Doomed,,,they failed,,, ten-fifteen more yrs the only thing people will be saying is that Israel is one Shitty Apartheid country,,,, 20 more years and even the newspapers in the United States with people like Bronner, Kershner and the rest of the criminals working for them will be embarrassed to say favourable things about those criminals.

...........IDF ends Gaza probe, says misconduct claims are 'rumors'

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