Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did Hamas send those Israelis flowers and candies yet?

Before the war which resulted in mass killing of Palestinian women and children the whole Western world but Especially the USA was to to to happy to keep ignoring Hamas,,,,, can you imagine those guys want to negotiate with the Taliban but they are unwilling to talk to Hamas,,,,,, goes to show how much those Americans "care" about women and children,,,, all of these politics are for opportunistic reasons. They made friends with the Awakening (US-allied Sunnis alarmed at Baghdad crackdown) then they turned there backs on them,,,, they made friends with the Kurds when they needed them and now they are turning there backs there to (They have been the US's staunchest ally, but as Iraq's situation improves, its Kurdish minority is becoming dispensable),,,,,,,, I wonder what it is about Mahmoud Abbas and his wicked collaborating ways that these Americans just cant resist?????

But how stupid are the Israelis that every thing that they do creates the oppossite of what they want? They attacked Gazza to get rid of Hamas and now Hamas is stronger.

Think tank urges US to adopt more pragmatic approach toward Hamas

A new report from a New York-based think tank and delivered to US President Barack Obama by a signatory who is also an adviser recommends that Washington forcefully reinsert itself into the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, calling for "a more pragmatic approach to Hamas." Even by its title, the report from the US/Middle East Project (USMEP) alludes to the urgency of US involvement: "A Last Chance for a Two-State Israel-Palestine Agreement."

What it means to talk with Hamas

Typically, meetings between European lawmakers and Hamas leaders are conducted discretely, if not entirely in secret. Now, the trips have begun to be publicized: In March there were trips by a cross-party group of British and Irish members of parliaments, as well as their counterparts from Greece and Italy.

There was also an open letter to President Obama, published on March 10, and signed by more than 120 experts and academics. The letter urged a change of US policy in the Middle East. Significantly, the signatories advocated an end to the US "fear of Islamist parties coming to power," and also urged prioritizing human rights over supporting the region's autocrats.

Hanniyeh owes those Israeli criminals one big tray of Baklawa for making his job easier,,,,,,

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