Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aparthied Updates

1) Jewish Settlers to Build Road on Palestinians’ Lands

2) A Palestinian girl in traditional clothing plants a tree to mark Land Day in the northern Gaza Strip. The event included a march, which marked the 33rd anniversary of Land Day, commemorating the killing of six Arab citizens of Israel by the Israeli army and police on March 30, 1976, during protests over Israeli confiscations of Arab land.
(Khalil Hamra / Associated Press)

Monday: Day in photos - Gaza Strip

3) Extremist settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron
A group of extremist settlers attacked on Tuesday a number of Palestinian homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron causing excessive damage and terrifying the residents, especially the children.

4) Palestinian students say beaten at checkpoint

Alla's father told Ynet that after identifying themselves, his son and Iad were taken into a room, where the officers ordered them to strip and "beat them for no reason."

5a) Palestinian Gandis

Eight Palestinians wounded as Israeli troops disperse nonviolent protest in Hebronauthor Monday March 30, 2009 19:15author by IMEMC Staff Report this post to the editorsEight Palestinian civilians were injured on Monday midday when Israeli troops attacked a nonviolent protest in Ithna village near Hebron city, in the southern West Bank. The protest was organized on village lands where Israel is building the Wall. The protest was in commemoration of the 33rd anniversary of 'Land Day'.

5b) Israeli forces escalate suppression of Ni’lin resistancePosted on: March 31, 2009 |
ShareThis27 March 2009Residents of Ni’lin, along with international and Israeli solidarity activists, gathered to demonstrate against the construction of the Apartheid Wall on Friday, 27 March 2009. Shortly after protesters began marching on the main road in town, they were attacked with tear gas by Israeli forces. The army maintained a presence in the village, occupying several Palestinian homes and shooting gas and 0.22 live calibre bullets at demonstrators. One demonstrator was shot with live ammunition in his leg, another was hit by a tear gas canister and many suffered from tear gas inhalation.

Do you remember the nice articiles in the NYT and Wapo about how Jenin is a model city and the Palestinian security forces (aparthied apparatus) is doing so well there? How well could they be doing if the Israelis are going to Jenin to arrest people? Or maybe the Israeli aparthied entity and the Palestinian collaboration entity are working together to arrest Palestinians?

6a) Israeli forces detain young man, 39-year-old woman from Jenin

6b) Israel to transfer security in Jenin area to Palestinians
Israel will still be able to enter Jenin and its environs to act against "ticking bombs," that is, someone who has knowledge of a terror attack to be carried out. In other cases, Israel will transfer the names of wanted men to the PA security forces, and if the PA forces do not arrest those wanted, the IDF will be able to do so.

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