Sunday, December 2, 2012

FEMA aid & the undocumented

Now here’s the kind of story that makes your blood boil. FEMA reports 236,000 New Yorkers have requested aid as a result of damage from Hurricane Sandy. But FEMA  has posted signs saying social security numbers are required for application since cash assistance for home repairs is only available to US citizens. According to FEMA officials, some funds are allocated for undocumented immigrants, but only those who have US born children or relatives are eligible. That means thousands & thousands of undocumented immigrants standing in the rubble of their homes & unable to fix the roof or broiler are up a creek without a paddle. Some immigrant rights groups are raising Cain about this, especially since many of the undocumented have been out of work since the hurricane. One advocate argued that as contributors to the city in a number of capacities, they should be getting help just like everyone else. Absolutely true! But if they sat on their sofas eating bonbons & watching soap operas they would be just as worthy because they are human beings & humane societies do not let people live in rubble. (Photo by Seth Wenig/AP)

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