Friday, December 7, 2012

She gets no respect

Dublin didn’t give quite the greeting we’d hoped to Hellary Clinton. Apparently St. Patrick didn’t get rid of all the snakes since an Irish group of them gave her a humanitarian award. The head of Concern Worldwide (an establishment aid group) hailed Clinton as “one of the greatest” secretaries of state in the history of the US. Most of them have been bums so that’s no enviable honorific.

Apparently our girl got all choked up in her speech in which she complained about how she’s treated as a woman official visiting male-dominated countries. There’s no doubt she’s mixing with the wrong class; you can be sure all those dictators & stooges for US colonialism she hangs with are a sorry lot--not to mention the creep she’s married to, with an unsavory record of his own. But it may not be entirely her gender at issue. Even US stooges like Karzai of Afghanistan don’t like the US & yesterday he gave NBC News an earful of his complaints against the US occupation.

Violence & misogynist oppression of women is no laughing matter at all; those of us who live in the US know that full well--& we solidarize with our sisters in every country facing the immense struggles against gender hatred. But if Hellary Clinton gave a rat’s ass about the treatment of women, she would denounce US financing of the Mexican war against immigrants that victimize women & their children; she would fight to remove immigration barriers on the US-Mexico border & around the world, where hundreds of people, including women die; she would be denouncing the Burmese government for the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims instead of feting Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi for her silence; she would denounce US backing of tyranny in Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia; she would call for the withdrawal of all US troops & the cessation of Drone bombing sieges in several countries; she would cut funding to Israel which bombs Gaza, targeting children; she would join us in demanding the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, & wherever else they are.

She tried to wax inspirational about the US being on the right side of history in the struggle for women’s justice but it all got drowned out in the sound of bombs bursting over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, & the US-made tear gas casings they’re picking up in Bahrain, Egypt, & elsewhere. You can’t put lipstick on the pig of US foreign policy & whimper when you get no respect.

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