Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whoever you are, we're on your side!

Photojournalism is a marvelous thing because a picture is worth a thousand lies. But sometimes those who caption the photos can’t distinguish truth from the regrettable consequences of caught lying through your teeth. The original caption to this photo reads: “More than 4,000 refugees who fled Myanmar during an ethnic strife in 1992 have been living at camps {in Jammu & Kashmir} for more than five years.” Could they explain where the hell they’ve been for the other 15 years!? Or at least give the dignity of identifying who these young boys (not yet 15 years old) are? Could they be Rohingya Muslims? Could an explanation be forthcoming so we understand what the hell is going on!? Regardless, immigration is a human right! (Photo by Channi Anand/AP)

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